Sao Paulo Poker

H2 Club



QUARTA - 150 DOUBLE CHANCE - R$ 150 Buyin


SEXTA -SUPER CEM - R$ 100 Rebuy

SÁBADO - 150 DOUBLE CHANCE - R$ 150 Buyin


Circuito Paulista de Hold’em

1ª ETAPA - 11 a 13 de fevereiro

2ª ETAPA - 25 a 27 de março

3ª ETAPA - 15 a 17 de abril

4ª ETAPA - 20 a 22 de maio

5ª ETAPA - 24 a 26 de junho

6ª ETAPA - 22 a 24 de julho

7ª ETAPA - 26 a 28 de agosto

8ª ETAPA - 9 a 11 de setembro

9ª ETAPA - 7 a 9 de outubro

10ª ETAPA - 4 a 6 de novembro

11ª ETAPA - 9 a 11 de dezembro

Calendário do Paulistano Open Poker 2011

1ª Etapa: 19 de Fevereiro

2ª Etapa: 12 de Março

3ª Etapa: 16 de Abril

4ª Etapa: 14 de Maio

5ª Etapa: 11 de Junho

6ª Etapa: 09 de Julho

7ª Etapa: 13 de Agosto

8ª Etapa: 17 de Setembro

9ª Etapa: 08 de Outubro

10ª Etapa: 12 de Novembro

Etapa Final: 03 de Dezembro

Circuito Osasco de Poker

Tournament Schedule 10 eventos 











Next Event: Brasilian Series of Poker - Curitiba - October

Brasilian Series of Poker in Curitiba

The next BSOP stop takes place in Curitiba in October at the Four Points Sheraton hotel. Buyin is R$1800 and live satellites will be running for the days before the main event from as little as R$150. Also, the live clubs around Sao Paulo often run private satellites so make sure to check out their schedules here too.

Brasilian Series of Poker - Foz do Iguazu - September 15 - 19

BSOP Foz do Iguazu

The next Brasilian Series of Poker event is scheduled for the 15th of September. The buy in is set at just $1800 and there are many ways to win your seat to the event for a lot less than this. 

First of all H2 Holdem Poker Club in Itaim is running satellites. The details for these events are as follows:

H2 Holdem Poker Club Itaim Bibi Sao Paulo

Nas próximas quartas, 31/08 – 07/09 – 14/09, o H2 Club organizará satélites para o BSOP Foz do Iguaçu com Buy-in + Pacote (três noites, sexta a segunda, de hospedagem em quarto duplo com café da manhã) o valor de cada pacote fica R$ 2.750,00.

Os satélites terão as seguintes estruturas:

Buy-in R$ 150,00 (5k fichas)

Rebuy R$ 150,00 (5k fichas) - 1 por pessoa

Add On R$ 150,00 (10k fichas)

Blinds 20 min

As inscrições abrem as 21:00hs e o torneio começa as 21:30hs

H2 is a fantastic club. Lots of great action and a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Further to that is a very safe place to play in Sao Paulo. I highly recommend it.

You can also play online and win enough money to enter that way. The best promotion I would recommend is to play on betboo because you can instantly get an extra $250 USD into your account. That is approximately R$420 Brasilian Reais. Of course this promotion is only open to serious players who are willing to demonstrate value to the room, by showing they are serious about playing. The requirement is that players must deposit $1000 and play for at least five days. If you do that then you get the free $250. Simple! (To claim the free $250 you must send an email to telling them you wish to partake in the promotion).

But, the best thing about playing at betboo is that the level of players is really really low. The reason for this is that betboo poker is part of the Cake Network and almost all the other poker rooms that use this software are sportsbooks. This means that there are a ton of recreational players looking to gamble. Instead of playing on Pokerstars or that kind of room where the standard is much higher and it is a LOT more difficult to win money quickly.

Definitely I recommend giving betboo a try, even if it is just to see for yourself the difference in player standards. By playing against the bad opponennts you can win a lot of money with a lot less risk and variance.

We wish everyone the best of luck at the tables and hope to see a few of you at the BSOP in Foz do Iguazu!